Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Louis Vuitton Outlet to promote new material

The Daily Telegraph reported that the world's first biodegradable dress, they describe as the ultimate in disposable fashion. Two professors in the establishment of the University of Sheffield award-winning designer Professor Helen leadership and chemist, Louis Vuitton Outlet, dress to promote new material, allows consumers to reduce environmentally harmful products., the fabric is knitted from a clear polymer PVA , the version used in the bags of the kind of washing machine detergent. The dress will be dissolved, making a bottle as a form of recycling. However, they decompose slowly, so that they can survive Khan Party.

Helen created a dress for the metaphorBeautiful things we create and use but never really thought andJust throw away, Professor Ryan said. in yourYou throw away a lifetime of about 20 tons of packaging materials. We hopePeople think. But it makes us feel worseFor science, too.Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Concentrated around the current exhibition of social time will be this fall in Sheffield,Engineering and Physical Sciences Research backed by the governmentCouncil. In the meantime, the dress will test their will be a huge open eight gold fish tank lower, they will disappear before your eyes!Decorated dressAnd the clever design of the flowers, slowly the issue of a dye, they Dissolved, so that they move around like sea anemones in the hugeGoldfish bowl.

The behavior of each piece of clothing Different, said Professor floors. These flowers will chase each otherAround the bowl in the biological way.establishment of a large number of dyesDifferences in surface tension in the power of the Louis Vuitton Delightful Monogram As a result, the professor said floor, there will be unusual as the dress in the giant bowl dissolve, chemical reaction, causing an explosion, because they reduce to a deeper bowl , Will cease to exist when the show endsAn amazing idea, although one night in the UK may not be the safest option, the current climate. It's almost worth driving all the way to Sheffield will be maintained well for the future updates eyes.

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