Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shopping box is the first time in New York City

In our report on the future of the retail high heels , we passed this on our way home last night, interesting shops . The so-called shopping boxes, space hybrid approach to retail, glycated and cross-selling a physical showroom in the big box concept of the popular boutique custom , and made a life-size vending machine vending machine style. The idea is very simple , selling everything from handmade crafts to vintage clothing of any person can rent from the day $ 1.66, is essentially a small storefront to display the prices of their products to one or more storage cube . Sellers with their real estate to encourage small pieces in order to attract potential customers inside and creativity .

At the same time , consumers have the opportunity to explore a locationwith interesting combination of access to goods , samples and try before they buy products.Although not a new concept similar shops already exist in Japan, Hong Kong and Canada, shopping box is the first time in New York City . The store is at 6 pm tonight to celebrate its grand opening is open 7 days a week .Although Facebook is obviously a huge success online social graph is not offline, the site is redundant.The following company plans to show at the NEC in a separate hypothetical example illustrates the different ways to market and promote SMEs and the integration of online and offline events:First, the organizers of the event Linked.

In to create an event-do list, invite contacts and update the corresponding status. Then contact will be exported and e-mail from LinkedIn and other related links, to encourage them to visit the stand.So far, this all happened online.But then, the organizers sent out a press release industry correspondent, wrote a program for the exhibition's entrance, and take concrete and targeted publications advertising space. You can do with it. But now all the gadgets you will find these features. To do any business, so similar to FACEBOOK forget that their goal is to establish the connection between the real world, not only the people of the virtual connection.

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