Friday, June 24, 2011

Any person will suffer from confusion

My brother and I have been very close growing up but hard to have time to hang with each other now that many of us our own family. Once I had the opportunity to enjoy a month's retreat at home, I am willing to assume all of the journey, even if he lives far away. I left the town due date, he and his wife and children offer to take me to the airport. When the car engine failure, and has been blocked along the road, we all agreed that I should continue to do me in my own flights. I ended up riding a free ride. This occurs when the right, from poor to worse I got a guy was riding, turned out to have sinister intentions. Unfortunately he, I have my lipstick stun gun guard me.

When he stopped car and began my sexual harassment, I did not hesitate to give him with a flashlight stun master 950,000 volt rechargeable stun gun lip stick samples. IVE always rely on them without taking into account the hidden power turning out to be a powerful invitation to self-defense tool for suspected gun. First, a lipstick stun gun looks like an everyday make-up project. A camouflaged stun gun is designed for ladies with a surprise element to the attacker. My lipstick stun gun, it can be light due to the fact that the tool is equipped with a flashlight, which is very dim or shaded location to minimize the disaster along helpful. It's mobile, can be easily hidden in my hand, a purse or a pants pocket hand.

In addition, it has a disable pin to stop its work, should seize me. Because it's rechargeable stun guns, stun master 950,000 volt rechargeable stun gun flashlight lip stick and abandoned, requiring battery replacement. It comes with an integrated charger in charging convenience. In the disguise of the stun gun, fired it into the target body of nearly one million volts of electricity. This lipstick stun gun has enough braking force to the opponent simply could not move, and allow enough time to become a prey to escape them, and called for assistance. Faced with a stun gun to any person will suffer from confusion and lack of balance the nervous system, because its main goal. It dumps into the muscle power and lead to muscle failure.

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